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Books & Papers from Bob Gee & Associates

Mission Possible (Book)

Join Bob Gee, Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and others as they explore keys to success in life and business. “Bob Gee’s chapter in this book is dynamic.”—David Wright, Insight Publishing

19.95 + shipping
Creating a Company People Love to Work For (Book)

Bob Gee wrote the seminar and now here’s the book.  Principles for attracting the best people, reducing turnover and building a team that enhances customer satisfaction and creates lifetime customers. “Bob Gee has been obsessed with this subject for 20 years and has refined his full day workshop and offered it in book form.  It’s great!”—John Lovelace. Note: Available in both HVAC and general format.

29.95 + shipping

Creating a Company People Love to Buy From*

Only $3.95 (cost of shipping only.)

Building Lifetime Customer Relationships

$9.95 + shipping

For HVAC Only

Selling Comfort is Easy (HVAC Book)
A primer for successful sales in an HVAC dealership.  How to achieve 60% plus closing rates and how to “plus” sales for increased revenue and profits.  A seminar in book form.

Bob Gee’s very successful Certified Comfort Consultant 4-day workshop is
based on the principles outlined in this book

$29.95 + Shipping

Pricing for Profit

$9.95 plus shipping

Service Technicians Can Be Your Top Sales Producers*

Only $3.95 (cost of shipping only.)

Books, CDs & DVDs from Jim Rohn, American's Philsopher

How to Have Your Best Year Ever (Video)
A six part video series by America’s Philosopher, Jim Rohn.  The best lessons on success in the last 30 years.  The segment on the Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle is worth the cost of the whole set.

I have used segments of this video in hundreds of my classes. It's dynamic, from one of America's treasures.”—Bob Gee


The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle (Book)
A must read for those seeking extraordinary success and happiness…starting now or starting over.  A book on the best segment of Jim Rohn’s video.

If you don’t buy it for yourself, buy it for a son, daughter, nephew, niece, or someone else you care about.”—Bob Gee

For these and other Jim Rohn books, CDs and DVDs, please visit here.

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