Robert Gee & Associates offers a variety of programs that help people succeed.

A baseball-themed keynote that focuses on differentiation as a key factor of success. Setting yourself apart from competition.
In sales, sales management, customer service and creating companies that people love to work for and customers love to buy from. We offer seminars, workshops, keynotes and consulting services that produce results.

We are best known for our work with some of America’s largest manufacturers and their distributors and dealers. Bob Gee’s keynotes have provided inspiration to thousands looking for that one idea that would propel them to greater success in their chosen field.

We help people...
…understand the value of setting goals for their lives
…develop habits for success
…catch their breath, get a second wind and begin anew

We help companies...
…understand the value of creating a company people love to work for
…differentiate for greater success
…develop a sales process that improves revenue and profits

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